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I sit down and chat with courageous and authentic Alexi Panos as we discuss how you can truly be you in a world that wants you to be someone else.

Alexi is an inspirational example of a beautiful woman living an extraordinary life on her terms. She shares her message and a ton of insights which I know will give you the courage to be your best self every moment of the day.

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Love. Its the most powerful force in the planet - it transcends everything and brings us all together.

I sit down with Preston Smiles - author, love ambassador and speaker - and get his take on how YOU can become LOVE and reclaim your personal POWER.

What transpired was incredibly inspiring…

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It's not enough to have knowledge, years of experience and just do good work. To succeed in a modern world, you have to put yourself out there and attract the clients, business and deals you want. If you keep yourself in a shell, you will achieve only a tiny fraction of your potential.

I sit down with marketing and branding expert, Emma Tiebens and explore ways you can put your message and brand out there so you get the success you deserve.

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We're back this week with Mukul Deva and we sit down and talk about business and how you can achieve incredible - and I mean incredible - success in business and entrepreneurship.

Mukul has done quite a lot in his time - stepping out of school early to working in the army as a counterterorrism officer to becoming a mentor to leaders in transition to building up several successful businesses and even becoming a prolific author with many best-selling books.

But his secrets for running a successful business and living a fulfilled life is nothing short of profound.

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I sit down with an author, social activist and TED speaker Yassmin Abdel-Magied and explore how you can OWN your power and never let anyone limit you or make you feel small.

Yassmin wants YOU to know that you are HUGE and amazing. You have a gift to share and talents abound. And the key thing is NEVER let anyone make you doubt yourself or feel small just because you're different, born somewhere else or of a different race or gender.

Girl, you can do this and succeed on your own terms!

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I sit down with motivational speaker, singer and TV host Lynn Rose and get her to share her heartfelt message: ”It's never too late to become who you might have been”.

This set the tone for the entire interview we did with her. Lynn bursts with passion and enthusiasm, and as a transformational speaker, she wanted to get through to YOU and let you know that you can leverage your pain and challenges to create your best life.

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Expert series! Karen Leong is an influence expert and an author of “Win People Over” book. She starts this interview by saying "It's the quality of your conversation with a person that determines the quality of your relationship with them."

Wow! How profound. And for the entire interview, Karen revealed tip after tip on how you can build a better relationship with virtually anyone you meet - from your boss, your friend to that colleague you don't talk to.

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I sit down this week with serial entrepreneur and social media influencer Suria and we chat about business secrets that can literally make or break your business.

Suria opens up and walks us through the many struggles she had early on, the lessons she learnt and how YOU can side-step struggle and get more success.

You're in for a treat.

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Famed trainer and best-selling author Blair Singer believes very strongly that everyone of us was born greatly talented beings with incredible powers.

It is our conditioning or "little voice" that keeps us small.

In this week's episode, Blair reveals how we can overwrite our little voice and regain our powers to BECOME who we really ARE.

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A few weeks ago Bluey was in Singapore for the International Jazz Festival, and we thought it was appropriate to release this 7-min outstanding video of him sharing on what life really is together with behind-the-scene-truth about the creative process of song writing!

We will keep this short, because it's only 7-mins ... but here's what Bluey's real message is!

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This week, we sit down with prolific author Mukul Deva and talk about his amazing process for writing best-sellers that hook and engage the reader. (Sidenote: Mukul has written a book a year for 15 years straight!)

If you ever wanted to write your first book but found yourself bogged down by life, work and EXCUSES, this interview is a must watch!

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You have a bright idea and it floods you with passion.

"It's time to start a business, change the world and get RICH!"

All good, right?

Well, our YanaTV guest this week - Influence Solution's Karen Leong did just that ... and quickly found out she was missing MANY pieces of the puzzles.

You don't just jump in with passion alone.

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If you aspire to start your own business and grow it from zero all the way to super-hero status, you will LOVE this week's interview.

We sit down with Chris Edwards, founder of Honeycombers ... and have her walk us through her journey from starting her business at home - all the way to having half a million views on her site a month now, and having a dedicated A+ team to help her.

This is REAL WORLD entrepreneurship at its best.

Dive in and find out more ....

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How exactly do you change the world and make a difference starting RIGHT NOW?

We pose this question to B1G1 founder, Masami Sato as we continue the conversation on giving back and changing the world.

And Masami replied with eloquence.

This is what she said ...

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As you are getting ready to celebrate February 14th with your dear one, I continue the conversation with Blair Singer - bestselling author of "Salesdogs", Rich Dad advisor and world-famous teacher. This week we ask Blair how he would define "love".

Blair's answer was deeply personal. He distinguished the difference between "love" and "intimacy" ... and truly got into the TRUTH of the word.

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We continue our conversation with famed jazz musician Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick this week, and he gets deep and personal with us as we discuss WHY we are truly here on Earth.

Bluey's answer is short and profound, and comes after he recovered from years of "poison" (in his own words)

At the end of the tunnel, he suddenly realized what it was all about … and reveals the answer here in this interview with us.

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Would it be easier for entrepreneurs to do business in a purposeful way and to create a larger positive change in the community if they began FIRST with HAPPINESS?

We explore this question this week with Khatiza Van Savage from Insightful Learning Journeys. Khatiza worked in Bhutan and realized they had a very different take on business and life.

The people of Bhutan have a view of life beyond financial success. The government measures the country's overall progress with something called "Gross National Happiness Index” ... a concept that really got Khatiza intrigued.

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This week, we sit down with B1G1 founder Masami Sato and discuss how she turned her idea of giving back through business into reality ... and now a WORLWIDE phenomenon, with more than 800+ business participating.

But first, is it possible to actually run a business that gives back? We start by asking Masami that question.

Her answer will surprise you ... and her story of how she started through a BRIGHT idea one day will inspire you to no bounds.

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Can music really heal the soul and give you purpose?

For famed jazz musician and producer Bluey Maunick, the answer is a resounding YES!

In this episode of YanaTV, Bluey sits down and reveals a never-seen-before vulnerable side ... sharing with us how music helped him through some of the darkest chapters in his life. Watch and be inspired![Sidenote: We also want to specially thank Bluey for crafting the soundtrack for YanaTV Season 2! Watch and listen to it. It’s something truly special and we hope you love it!]

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to our first episode of 2016 ... YanaTV Season 2!

Before we plunge in, I want to take a moment to thank you. Thank you for supporting us through an amazing first season ... watching our videos and taking in the knowledge and wisdom we aspire to pass on.

Let's rock on!

Speaking about that, I sit down this week with Blair Singer, best-selling author ... world-famous trainer ... Rich Dad advisor AND my mentor - and I ask him what true, authentic success means.

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The Very Best Of YanaTV Season 1 - Released Every Week on YouTube and Facebook!

We've reached the end of YanaTV Season 1 and it's been an absolute blast. I sincerely hope you've gained a lot of value out of the interviews I've conducted. I've done my best to find leading people across all industries and get them to share the insider secrets behind their success. But the show has only just started!

#1. We're releasing the very best moments of YanaTV on our Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Subscribe here to our YouTube channel and Facebook page ... and watch bit-size snippets of our Season 1 interviews. Refresh key concepts, recall important tips and re-apply some of these in your life. We know you'll find this useful and inspirational!

#2. We're bringing Season 2 back early 2016!

This time round, we have MORE high-powered guests in store for you.

For starters, we have a world-famous sales trainer who has trained the whos-who in the personal development field.

We also have an award-winning, globe-travelling singer who has performed in front of thousands.

That's just a few of the amazing line-up we have in store for YanaTV Season 2.

You must stay tuned because we intend to rock your world ONE MORE TIME!

Until then, let's continue this on our Facebook page and Youtube channel

We love you, we care about you and we want to continue adding a ton of value into your life.

Let's stay connected  :-)

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Masterful Communication for Modern Leaders - How To Talk The Talk and Walk The Walk With Mary Kelly

It's not easy being a leader.

You need to figure out how to earn the respect of your people, communicate so they get what you want, ensure they are happy and stay in your team and motivate them to perform at their best.

This week, we sit down with former Naval Commander turned author and speaker, Mary Kelly, and get her to share how you can instantly upgrade your leadership skills by raising your communication skills.

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How To Transform Yourself And Become Your Most Authentic Self - An Interview With Parenting Expert and Leadership Coach Dr. Yvonne Sum

This week, we sit down with leadership coach and author of "Intentional Parenting" Dr. Yvonne Sum and discuss how YOU can leverage the incidents of your past to become your best self.

Yvonne has travelled the world, helping leaders make shifts inside so they can expand their influence and lead better by being their most authentic selves.

She draws aplenty from her own journey from being yet another cog in a typical Asian society, Asian family and Asian marriage ... to discovering her true feminine strength and power ... and creating a life she can truly call her own.

Today, Yvonne isn't another faceless piece in the system. She changes people and companies through her talks, impacts lives through her books and is leading an authentic life, fully expressing herself every single day.

In this fast-paced interview, Yvonne shows you how she did it - so you can too.

She boldly takes you through her own story and shows you how she turned past hurts and incidents into strength and courage to grow and chart a new direction for herself.

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How To Connect With Any Audience And Make A Difference In Their Lives - A YanaTV Interview With The Charismatic Scott Friedman

Scott Friedman has spoken to thousands of people all around the world, and this man is charm personified. The former president of the National Speaker's Association, a regular on stages worldwide and an established author, Scott is a master at connecting with people and impacting them.

In this week's YanaTV episode, I sit down with Scott and get him to reveal 2 things - how anyone can connect with the audience they speak to and how you can make a difference to the world RIGHT NOW!

If you want to have people hanging on your every word, and you want to effect a global change ... this interview is a MUST WATCH!

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How To Magically Turn Everything You Touch Into GOLD! - A YanaTV Interview With Serial Winner Saumik Bera

Do you know at least one person in your life who has that fabled "magic touch"?

Everything they do turns to gold. If they play in a competition, they emerge victorious. If they start a business, it becomes a rockstar success.

How do they do it? What is their "secret sauce" ... and more importantly, how can we use it to bring more MAGIC into our lives?

If you want that answer, you MUST watch this week's YanaTV episode as I take you inside the mind of one of these amazing folks ....

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Behind The Scenes Of A Successful Internet Business - A YanaTV Interview w/ Emi Takemura

If you've ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes of a real-world, successful business, you are in for a treat.

This week, we sit down with internet entrepreneur Emi Takemura, co-founder of Peatix, Japan’s #1 mobile event and ticketing platform and get her to share the ins-and-outs of how she started her internet business.

Emi goes in depth, and reveals what you MUST do if you want business success. In addition, Emi opens up and shares the many mistakes she made early in her business.

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The Ultimate Art And Science Of Entrepreneurship - Featuring The Amazing Women Of The Athena Network (A YanaTV Special)

This week is a REAL YanaTV special.

I sit down with a bunch of amazing female entrepreneurs of the Athena Network and get them to share their best lessons they've learnt on their journey of entrepreneurship.

Listen in as they reveal the ultimate "how to succeed" blueprint to starting and running a successful business.

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Share Your Story And Write That Book Inside You - A YanaTV Interview With Deepika Shetty

In this episode, I sit down with popular author and journalist Deepika Shetty and we talk about how ordinary people can find their voice and share their story.

See, I've travelled the world and met plenty of interesting, amazing people with stories to share. I've sat listening to them tell of struggle, mistakes and wins - leaving me entranced and spellbound.

At the end, I almost always suggest they write a book and pen their story down. Most immediately shrink and insist they can't do it - because no one will read it or buy it.

Deepika Shetty used to be in that category. But she conquered her voice of doubt to pen her story down into a best-selling book.

She shares her journey from idea to conception in this illuminating interview.

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How To Do What You Love and Help Lots Of People Too! - A YanaTV Interview With Olga Iserlis

Do you believe it is possible to do what you love, make a great living and help many people at the same time?

Well, Olga Iserlis has spent years doing exactly that.

Olga always loved the arts and parties. She loved making people happy and giving them a chance to mingle and interact. She's also passionate about charity and giving back.

And so she began thinking how she could blend all of her loves and passions in one.

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Success, Art, Happiness and The Meaning of Life - A Heart-To-Heart With Famed Director And Rebel Glen Goei

Hey, it's Yana here with a special YanaTV episode.

This week, I sit down and have a heart-to-heart chat with famed director Glen Goei ... and we literally talk about everything under the sun.

Glen shares his take on life, art, success, freedom of expression and what it means to be truly happy.

Why did I get Glen to share these?

Because at heart, Glen is a radical. A rebel. A non-comformist. His popular plays reflect this, and so do Glen's words and actions.

I share these with you to get you to challenge the way you see the world and see life.

And trust me, if there's anyone that can set people thinking ... it's definitely Glen.

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What It REALLY Takes To Be An Entrepreneur - An Interview With The Street-Savvy Callum Laing

Hey, it's Yana again with another rocking episode of YanaTV.

Today, you'll hear from one of the most street-savvy entrepreneurs I've met, Callum Laing.

Callum epitomizes a serial entrepreneur, because even though he's still young, Callum has actually ran, owned and even sold several businesses.

All these experiences have given Callum a unique view of real-world entrepreneurship.

Most budding entrepreneurs, Callum finds, have an idealized view of what it means to start and run a successful business.

They think it's gonna be a romantic experience - that is until they smack right into a brick wall and are rudely awakened.

If you want to know what REALLY goes on behind-the-scenes of a successful business, listen to Callum.

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How To Succeed In The Real World - Interview With The Inspirational Elim Chew

It's Yana, and we're back with another episode of YanaTV - your favourite place for practical wisdom from the world's most inspiring people.

Today, we speak to serial entrepreneur Elim Chew, founder of 77th Street.

What's amazing about this interview is Elim cuts right to the chase and gives real-world advice on what it takes to become truly successful in life and business.

See, Elim comes from the world of actual business - and she's seen the good times and the tough times. She isn't interested in fancy theory or academic "how-tos" - she's interested in what works for real.

She shares the 3 ingredients every budding achiever or entrepreneur needs to have in order to be successful.

Elim goes as far as to say this - If you aren't willing to do these 3 things and you choose the easy life instead, you won't be successful.

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Standing Up For What You Believe In - A YanaTV Interview With The Bold and Fearless Loretta Chen

A BIG hello from us at YanaTV!

We're making history today because this is our FIRST ever YanaTV post and you're witness to this.

For me, YanaTV is a dream come true.

I've always wanted a place, a home, a channel where I can gather the world's most inspiring people and their amazing stories of success in one place.

YanaTV is that place.

For our very first interview, I spoke to the fearless, the bold and the never-say-die ... Loretta Chen!

Loretta is a famed Singapore theatre director, media personality and author.

Her achievements are long and detailed, her book a bestseller and she's been named one of Asia's most inspiring women.

But that's only HALF her story

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