Success, Art, Happiness and The Meaning of Life - A Heart-To-Heart With Famed Director And Rebel Glen Goei

Hey, it's Yana here with a special YanaTV episode.

This week, I sit down and have a heart-to-heart chat with famed director Glen Goei ... and we literally talk about everything under the sun.

Glen shares his take on life, art, success, freedom of expression and what it means to be truly happy.

Why did I get Glen to share these?

Because at heart, Glen is a radical. A rebel. A non-comformist. His popular plays reflect this, and so do Glen's words and actions.

I share these with you to get you to challenge the way you see the world and see life.

And trust me, if there's anyone that can set people thinking ... it's definitely Glen.

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What It REALLY Takes To Be An Entrepreneur - An Interview With The Street-Savvy Callum Laing

Hey, it's Yana again with another rocking episode of YanaTV.

Today, you'll hear from one of the most street-savvy entrepreneurs I've met, Callum Laing.

Callum epitomizes a serial entrepreneur, because even though he's still young, Callum has actually ran, owned and even sold several businesses.

All these experiences have given Callum a unique view of real-world entrepreneurship.

Most budding entrepreneurs, Callum finds, have an idealized view of what it means to start and run a successful business.

They think it's gonna be a romantic experience - that is until they smack right into a brick wall and are rudely awakened.

If you want to know what REALLY goes on behind-the-scenes of a successful business, listen to Callum.

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How To Succeed In The Real World - Interview With The Inspirational Elim Chew

It's Yana, and we're back with another episode of YanaTV - your favourite place for practical wisdom from the world's most inspiring people.

Today, we speak to serial entrepreneur Elim Chew, founder of 77th Street.

What's amazing about this interview is Elim cuts right to the chase and gives real-world advice on what it takes to become truly successful in life and business.

See, Elim comes from the world of actual business - and she's seen the good times and the tough times. She isn't interested in fancy theory or academic "how-tos" - she's interested in what works for real.

She shares the 3 ingredients every budding achiever or entrepreneur needs to have in order to be successful.

Elim goes as far as to say this - If you aren't willing to do these 3 things and you choose the easy life instead, you won't be successful.

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Standing Up For What You Believe In - A YanaTV Interview With The Bold and Fearless Loretta Chen

A BIG hello from us at YanaTV!

We're making history today because this is our FIRST ever YanaTV post and you're witness to this.

For me, YanaTV is a dream come true.

I've always wanted a place, a home, a channel where I can gather the world's most inspiring people and their amazing stories of success in one place.

YanaTV is that place.

For our very first interview, I spoke to the fearless, the bold and the never-say-die ... Loretta Chen!

Loretta is a famed Singapore theatre director, media personality and author.

Her achievements are long and detailed, her book a bestseller and she's been named one of Asia's most inspiring women.

But that's only HALF her story

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